Control Panels

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Introducing a revolutionary new line of control panels and management platform developed specifically for the water and wastewater industry. Featuring current monitoring and allowing for any input (floats, transducer, level sensors) and control settings (on, off, time dosing, on-demand) in each panel.

Simplex/Duplex Control Panels

Specifically designed for pump tanks and lift stations, these systems are available for dual voltage Single Phase (115 – 230 V) and Three Phase (208-380) pumps operating up to 20 amps.

Custom Control Panels

Designed for residential and commercial wastewater treatment systems panels are easily customized for operating up to 8 specific outputs per panel. Easy to upgrade any existing project to allow for modernized controls and advanced features. Our staff work directly with you to build the panel for your specifications and provide detailed wiring diagrams.

Control Panel Standard Features:

  • Current and Fuse Monitoring
  • All Input Signals (four digital and two analog inputs, pressure sensor, 4-20 mA sensors, 0V-10V sensors) allows for floats, transducers, electronic level sensors, temperature, and more.
  • Duplex Redundancy (automatic switch over operation on failed output – i.e. if a pump fails, the second pump will take over all operation but continue to alarm)
  • Touch Pad and Graphical Display for easy programming
  • Main Breaker and Lockout
  • Battery Backup (panel still alarms without power)
  • Adjustable Operation Modes and features for Time Dosing, Demand Dosing, on and off
  • Maximum cycles (detect leaking toilets by selecting maximum volume)
  • Data logger (evaluate daily flow from system)
  • Compatible with Click + Clean remote management platform

Click + Clean® - Remote Monitoring and Management System

Click + Clean is available on all RH2O control panels. Installing our communications module (cellular or Ethernet) enables the remote monitoring system. While all alarms are immediately sent via email or text message, our server connects to each system once a day to verify a connection and report system status. A daily report on all systems is scheduled for operators to ensure systems are working properly. All operating data is stored and accessible on our secure website.

Save Time and Money:

  • Make adjustments without having to leave your home or office
  • Resolve issues before they become serious problems
  • Maintenance / operators are prepared for each service call
  • Automatic notification of alarms
  • Diagnose problems and make recommendations based on real data
  • GPRS/GSM or Ethernet with Redundancy
  • Generate Error Reports and enable Remote Diagnostics through Data Logger
  • Measure up to 20,000 Values
  • Compatible with input sensors (Temperature, Turbidity, DO, etc)
  • Immediate notification of any problems and ability to remotely solve
  • Cost Effective Reliable Maintenance (reduce onsite service checkups)

Learn more about our control panels by downloading our Brochure and Technical Data Sheet