Advanced Wastewater Treatment

RH2O provides innovative and proven decentralized wastewater treatment systems for residential, commercial and municipal developments. We offer a variety of reliable solutions for the following applications:

Residential Wastewater Treatment Commercial Wastewater Treatment

The Model for WSB® clean: Nature

The Model for WSB clean: Nature

Designed in Germany, WSB® clean is modeled on the natural purification of a stream. Instead of the stones and rocks in the stream, the system uses patented carrier material called “Kaldnes” to provide the ideal home for micro-organisms to clean the wastewater.

Residential Wastewater System

Enjoy the space in your backyard

Enjoy the space in your backyard!

WSB® clean is a compact system that requires much less space than conventional septic systems. You no longer need a large disposal bed for treating the majority of the wastewater.

WSB® clean protects your investment and allows for more uses of your property. The size of the system is determined by local regulations in accordance to the design flow and by the soils. A single tank solution can treat up to 3,800 Litres per day (1,000 US Gallons).

Low Energy and Life Cycle costs

Low energy and life cycle costs

WSB® clean requires less electricity and maintenance than other wastewater systems, while providing exceptional performance. The Kaldnes media is self-cleaning and never has to be cleaned or replaced. Some systems use more than ten times the amount of electricity while others require media cleaning or replacement resulting in higher maintenance and operation costs over the lifetime of the system.

Variability of flows? No problem.

The two most common situations that cause failures in other treatment systems are over-load and under-load conditions. WSB® clean has been designed and tested to handle all situations, whether it’s a big party with increased usage or a seasonal cottage with no wastewater flow.

WSB® clean System – How it works

How WSB Clean Works

Primary clarification
Wastewater leaves the home and enters the system. This chamber preconditions the wastewater, replacing the need for an additional septic or holding chamber.

Biological cleaning stage
Microorganisms form a biofilm on the carrier material, Kaldnes. This media has been specifically designed to give microorganisms optimal living conditions to form the biofilm that is required for treating the wastewater.

Fine bubble diffusers supply oxygen into the reactor, which the microorganisms need for treating the wastewater. Through the motion of the media within this chamber, the media material self-cleans. Media does not clog up and never has to be replaced or cleaned.

Final clarification
Fine particles coming out of the biological cleaning stage settle to the bottom in this chamber.

Sludge return
Settled solids are returned out of the bottom of the final clarification and sent into the primary clarification chamber for further clarification and storage.

The clarified water can now be discharged to a disposal bed that is smaller in size than a traditional septic system.

Control panels come with 24/7 Remote Management

Control panels come with 24/7
Remote Management

A web based monitoring system provides full operational surveillance of your system with instant notification sent via email. Remote monitoring ensures a reliable working system and saves money on operation and maintenance.

Advantages of Wastewater Management


  • Self-cleaning media that never has to be replaced
  • Low operating costs
  • Remote monitoring
  • Reliable robust process
  • No noise or smell
  • Easily blends into existing landscape

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Commercial Wastewater System


WSB® clean pro System – How it works

How WSB Clean Works

Sludge storage
With the inflow of wastewater, coarse particles settle here along with secondary sludge from the final clarifier.

Remaining solids are removed from the wastewater with a minimum 1.5 hours of residence time.

The biological stage consists of two reactors containing patented plastic carrier media called “Kaldnes”. Microorganisms settle on the media and consume the organic material in the wastewater. Oxygen is needed for the clarification process and is supplied by a compressor and distributed in the chamber.

Final clarification
Biologically cleaned wastewater is separated from surplus sludge through settling. Pumps transport the sludge into the sludge storage and the water is now ready to be returned back into the environment.

Control system
The Control system will control all mechanical components and include remote monitoring with current sense on each output.

WSB Clean is designed for each project

Every WSB® Clean Pro plant is designed specifically for each project

WSB® clean pro is not a standardized product, but an individually tailored solution. Each system is designed for the requirements of each site.

WSB Clean pro is available for:

  • New Installations
  • Upgrades and modernizations of existing plants
  • Retrofits
Applications of Wastewater Management


  • Restaurants (high strength wastewater)
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Golf Courses
  • Campgrounds
  • Schools
  • Residential Developments
WSB Clean Pro pro meets the most
stringent effluent quality standards

Every WSB® Clean Pro pro meets
the most stringent effluent quality
standards for:

  • Nitrification
  • Denitrification
  • Phosphorus Removal
  • Disinfection / Watewater Reuse
Designed and Built for Minimal Maintenance

Designed and Built for
Minimal Maintenance

WSB® clean pro systems are designed for ease of operation and maintenance. The automated control system provides instant notification to the maintenance provider and allows remote connect to the control panel via wireless connection. The self-cleaning media reduces the amount of maintenance visits and the control system provides assurance of 24/7 round the clock operation.


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